DIVI Package

Get the genuine license for the DIVI theme, DIVI builder, and add-ons for an affordable price with lifetime updates.


By purchasing the DIVI package, you will receive the DIVI theme, DIVI builder, Extra magazine theme, Monarch plugin, and Bloom plugin. Once you have purchased this package, you need to send us a temporary login URL so we can activate the license through your website's dashboard. Once activated, you will receive updates directly to your dashboard, based on the license you select. Here is a quick overview of what you will get:

  1. Divi Theme:
    • Features: Divi is a responsive theme with a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy for users to design their websites visually. It comes with a wide range of pre-built layouts, modules, and customization options.
    • Divi Builder: The cornerstone of Divi's functionality is the Divi Builder. This is a front-end visual page builder that enables users to create complex page layouts without any coding knowledge. The builder operates on a building block system, with a variety of modules that can be customized and arranged to create unique page structures.
  2. Divi Builder:
    • Front-End Editing: Divi Builder offers a front-end editing experience, allowing users to see real-time changes as they make adjustments to their pages.
    • Drag-and-Drop Interface: The builder has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the process of creating and organizing content on a page.
    • Content Elements: Divi Builder includes a variety of content elements or modules (e.g., text, images, sliders, buttons, forms, etc.) that can be easily added and customized.
  3. Monarch Plugin:
    • Social Sharing: Monarch is a social media plugin developed by Elegant Themes. It provides a stylish and customizable way to add social sharing buttons to your website.
    • Integration: Monarch supports integration with various social media platforms, allowing users to display sharing buttons on posts, pages, and other content types.
    • Social Follow: In addition to social sharing, Monarch also includes a social follow feature, enabling users to add stylish social media follow buttons to encourage users to connect with them on various platforms.
  4. Bloom Plugin:
    • Email Opt-In Forms: Bloom is an email opt-in plugin designed to help users grow their email lists. It offers various types of opt-in forms, such as pop-ups, fly-ins, inline forms, and more.
    • Integration: Bloom integrates with popular email marketing services, making it easy for users to connect their opt-in forms with their preferred email service providers.
    • Design Customization: The plugin provides customization options for designing visually appealing opt-in forms that match the website's aesthetics.
  5. Extra Theme:
    • Magazine Style: Extra is another WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes, and it is specifically geared towards creating magazine-style websites, blogs, and content-heavy platforms.
    • Category Builder: Extra includes a Category Builder that allows users to customize the design and layout of individual categories on their site. This is particularly useful for magazine-style websites with diverse content.

Can I Use this theme on multiple websites?

If you are purchasing a GPL theme, you can use it on as many websites as you want. If you are purchasing a theme that a key is provided, you need to repurchase the theme for each website you want to use.

Example: If you purchase the Contentberg theme, you can use it on unlimited websites. However, if you are purchasing the Generatepress theme or DIVI theme, you need to purchase the theme each time you want to use it on another website.

Is this theme modified or altered by any mean?

No. We will never touch the theme files. You will get the original file provided by the original developer/author of the theme.

How will I receive updates for this theme?

Themes activated via a key will automatically notify you in your WordPress dashboard if there is any update available to download and install. For other themes (GPL), you will receive the update to the GDrive or Mega folder we share with you.